Press release May 29, 2015 to Astana

Kazakhstan’s International Commitments for Freedom of Expression

Tamara Kaleyeva President International Fund for Freedom of Speech Adil Soz    Our organisation has been reviewing the national laws on freedom of speech i.e. freedom of expression and freedom of information for many years. Unfortunately, there are so many respective compromises, disagreements and apparent conflicts with Kazakhstan’s international commitments that one report even the biggest […]

Elections in Reasonable Intervals

Pavel Lobachyov, President NGO «Echo»   Elections in Reasonable Intervals Reference to Documents Paragraph 7.1 of the OSCE’s Copenhagen Document of 1990 says: “For the government’s power to be based on the nation’s will, member states hold free elections in reasonable intervals as specified under law”. Secondly, changes in a law, setting such intervals, should […]

Institutional Mechanisms of Human Rights Protection in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Report Amangeldy Shormanbayev. During the Meeting of the ‘The Dialogue Platform on Human Dimension’ Advisory and Consultative Body under the Ministry of Interior of the RK (DPHD ACB)    Human rights as any subjective right inherent to a human person requires protection. From this standpoint, the idea of the rule of law has a number of […]

Legal Relations Between Individual and Government; Judicial and Human Rights in Justice

Zauresh Battalova President, Non-Government Fund Kazakhstan Parliamentarism Development Fund    Allow me to express my gratitude for this opportunity to share a specific vision of some challenges faced by the public when trying to access the justice in Kazakhstan, the vision, which the Kazakh human rights organisations shared in a few alternative reports as part of […]

Non-Government Organisations’ Perspective On the Kazakh Criminal Law Reform

Aina Shormanbayeva, President, International Legal Initiative Fund   As far as we know recently the new version of the Kazakh Criminal Code (“CC”) drafted by the Kazakh General Prosecutor’s Office was approved and will be submitted to the Kazakh government. And the drafting of the new version of the CC was private: human rights activists […]

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